How to maintain a healthy cognitive function ?

Although cognitive decline may be viewed as a natural part of the human life cycle, lifestyle can impact on cerebral health and performance.
Regular mental and physical activity, as well as a balanced diet, helps maintain healthy cognitive function.


- Mental activity
The brain is like a muscle, in that training favors its development. When the brain is not solicited adequately, it becomes somewhat dormant, as evidenced by the finding that cognitive decline often starts at retirement due to lack of intellectual stimulation. Scientific evidence, coupled with the growing general concern over cognitive health, explains the success of training the brain on the internet as well as with video games.


- Physical activity
Physical activity is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. Everybody knows that regular physical activity is crucial for the body's health, but the benefits of physical activity of the brain are not as well recognized.
Blood circulation is improved, and more oxygen and glucose are delivered to the brain. Thus, more gentle activities must be chosen initially instead of strenuous sports, so that the body's muscles do not consume extra oxygen and glucose.


- A balanced diet
Diet affects cerebral health; thus, a balanced diet is essential. A balanced diet is based on the nutritional needs of each individual, depending on many factors, including age, sex, height, and weight. Although there is no fixed model of a balanced diet, established recommendations help us construct our own balance-eating more fruits and vegetables, reducing consumption of refined products (sugary or savory), limiting excess fats, and eating foods that have a low glycemic index, such as rice, pasta, and potatoes. A balanced diet must be maintained as often as possible. Yet, our current lifestyles make it difficult to adhere to. We are bombarded with ready-to-use meals, meals on the run, and low-priced foods, which is why the use of dietary supplements is recommended, because they provide the nutrients that are missing in our diet and compensate for excessive unhealthy fats and sugars.